General Information

Data Capture is for existing NAFDAC products, i.e. products with NAFDAC numbers.
New Registration is for new products that are to be introduced into the Nigerian market.
Renewals can only be done after a product has been registered on NAPAMS, i.e. after a new registration form or Data capture form has been filled and submitted.
Variations are offshoot of the 3 classifications mentioned above, i.e. it can be done on any of them after submission. Examples of variations include Additional Variation, Change of Pack Design, Change/ Addition of Manufacturing Site, Transfer of Agencyship, Pack Size Extension, etc.

NAPAMS is available Mondays- Friday 8am-5pm and can be reached via the chat platform on, WhatsApp on 08028994830, phone calls 08112493911 and 08028994830.


Document upload has been categorized into 2 (company document and product document). Applicants are to upload the company document on company profile page while product document is to be uploaded on application document page when filling the form.

Please check the guidelines for your product category on NAFDAC website at .

Yes it is for only medium/large and small companies. However it may be required for micro companies by NAFDAC during the registration process if there are duplications of the trademark already on the system.

Yes, you can but you will need to use different email addresses as each email address is unique to the company.

Document should be in pdf, images in jpeg and both should not exceed 500kb.

Product Registration Process

Yes, you can make changes only on the right side of the company profile page and need to be signed in with the company’s email address. All changes to be made on the left side are to be sent to

The product categories include: Food, Cosmetics, Drug, Medical Device, Agro-Chemicals & Pesticide, Veterinary Products, Vaccines & Biologicals, Herbal and Nutraceuticals and Water.

You will get a mail notification at every point in the registration process. You can also check the status of your application on your Dashboard when you login to your account on NAPAMS.

A mail notification is sent once a compliance directive is issued. You can also track compliance directive issued to you company from your account by clicking on Compliance Directive listing page.

Yes, you can process/register multiple products at the same time but payment has to be made for each form separately as one RRR number cannot be used for more than one form.

Yes, the registration process of some products are to be completed in the zonal/state office depending on the product category and company type selected.

The list of products that can be registered in the zonal/state office are: Bread and bread products o Packaged Water (bottle and sachet) renewal only Dry finger foods – chin-chin, popcorn, plantain and potato chips Locally grown rice and other packaged farm produce o Locally grown rice and other packaged farm produce o Palm oil Dried Fish and fish products Dried Meat and meat product Liquid soaps (Hand wash, Car wash, Dish wash) Petroleum jelly.

No, the registration process will be completed in the zonal/state office.

You can commence the renewal of your product from 1 year to the date of expiration.

Yes, there is a late renewal fee, which is dependent on the category of the product.

No, you have to use the form category your product belongs to.

Nothing the purchased form will be in your account for future use or the payment made on it can be transferred to another form of the same amount and category.

Login to your account and click on pending application page, click on fill this form and submit the form. Once this is done, the application automatically moves to your Dashboard for further processing by NAFDAC.

Harmonized System Code is a global product classification system that is preloaded on the system. Type in the generic name and select from the list displayed.

Send a mail to for approval on correction of all company types.

Payment Related Information

Please login to your account and click on Invoice listing page to proceed with the payment.

Please login to your account and click on Payment Listing page to print the receipt.

Payment can be made on NAPAMS by generating an RRR number and payment made online or at any commercial bank.

Send a mail to stating the company name, company type and application number for which the additional invoice is to be generated.