NAPAMS Privacy Policy

Any information entered on our website or given us in any other way is securely stored, well protected and solely used for the purpose stated. Information collected are categorized as follows:

1. Company Information

Company information collected are Company Name, RC Number, Tax Identification Number (TIN), Date of Incorporation, Contact and Mailing Address, Phone number and Mobile Number, Email Address, and documents showing evidence of the stated information (Certificate of Incorporation). This is solely for the purpose of Product registration (regarding the company’s application), NAFDAC administrative duties, communication with the company and any information NAFDAC want to disseminate.

2. Personal Information

This includes Name, phone number and email address of the regulatory officer(s) of company which are used for communicating purpose regarding the product application of the company or any other issue relating to the company.

3. Product Information

This include all the information pertaining to a product such as Product name, Brand name, Product Composition, Method of use, Storage Condition, Shelf life and supporting documents.

4. Payment Information

Payment on this platform is redirected to the Remita platform and hence no payment information is stored on this platform.

5. Email Subscription

Please understand that the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) manadates that applicants be notified at every stage of the application process, via their emails, of the status of their application. Valid emails are also required during the user validation and payment processes. Provision of valid emails by applicants is mandatory.